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Wokingham Independents

Working together for a better Borough



 Independents are people who are democratically elected to positions within the community and who are free from the control of any political party, pressure group or whip.

The Wokingham Independents aim to actively encourage more people to stand for election as Independents and  to promote high standards of behaviour by  all our elected  politicians.


Wokingham Independents want to establish a clearly recognisable identity for Independent Councillors in Wokingham. We aim to publicise this identity and to help more Independent Councillors get elected.

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Our Crowdfunding page has been discontinued. This is because we ran the risk of being considered a Political Party, which would have created a number of potential legal pitfalls.

Should you wish to support us then please get in touch using the link below and offer your help to one of the candidates standing in your area.

Help distributing campaign literature is always welcome. Thank you.

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